Kim Kardashian supports teens with threatening illnesses.

13 Jun

I think it was rather sweet how ShoeDazzle (where Kim Kardashian is co-founder and chief fashion stylist) helped to support and donate shoes to an organisation called ‘No worries Now’. The organisation was set up by a boy whose high school best friend died from bone cancer. ‘No worries Now’  hosts proms for those who are suffering from life threatening illnesses. The prom means a lot to these teen’s as without the organisation many of them wouldn’t be able to ever attend a prom. ShoeDazzle hosted a day where around 50 teens tried on dresses, got styled and selected a pair of shoes for them to wear to the prom.

People tend to forget the importance of helping one another and just how lucky some of us are. The littles things matter the most and a little help and support now and then can go along way.

‘One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure’.



13 Jun

If you are in need of any make-up or nail varishes, beauty products etc… I suggest to visit this website

I love Illamasqua because I think their colours are very vibrant and are good for when you are going for a different look or have a special occasion lined up. I recently purchased a ‘Cream Blusher’, unlike normal blusher the cream blusher is absorbed and you aren’t left looking powdery or pasty.

The nail varnishes are also great and I like the way they appear on your nails. Illamasqua  nail varnish doesn’t appear streaky or bumpy like some nail varnish but instead leaves your nails looking clear and slick.

Kate Moss SS 2010

13 Jun

Watch Kate Moss Topshop SS 2010 Collection Preview

Kate Moss’s Summer/Spring 2010 collection is rather exciting. Her plunging necklines and patterned maxi dresses fulfil all the needs for this seasons trends.

I love the cream lace trim blouse. Blouses are very popular this season and tend to be worn more casually. I would team up this blouse with a pair of Topshop’s Jamie skinny fit jeans and some wedges to add a touch of summer. A few gold bangles and a long gold necklace will be enough accessories for this outfit. At £50.00 this blouse is definitely worth it.

I quite like these Lace and Mesh pants also. At £12.00 the are cheap and cheerful. They are available in both rose and nude and there is also a bra to match. I have purchased Topshop underwear before and find that they are good quality and don’t tend to loosen or stretch like some underwear.


13 Jun

Olay’s  body wash plus spa exfoliating ribbons is one of the best body washes I have used to date. I was brought this product as a Christmas gift and loved it. When showering with this body wash you instantly notice that your body is left feeling nourished and smooth. The body wash leaves you smelling beautiful and the smell lingers throughout the bathroom also. I liked the way the body wash foamed and I could also use the body wash as a shaving foam. I would recommend this product to all females and would rate the body wash 10 out of 10.

Christian Louboutin

13 Jun

So I was searching for a new pair of heels and decided to just browse through Christian Louboutin’s website..  And WOW the new collection is amazing. Check them out at

My personal favourites are the Tahiti, these black and white 5inches are great to wear both casual and formal. I love the black detail around the the edge as it ties in with the beautiful flower on the side. I would wear these with a nice pair of fitted jeans and a shirt.

My other favourite are the Studio. I absolutely love these heels because of the contrast between the studs and the colour of the actual shoe. The ivory and leather would be great to accompany a LBD and they also have the ‘Lolita’ clutch to match. Studio also comes in caramel leather and gold studs and black leather and silver studs. These are definitely show-stopping heels.

Protected or Hurt?

13 Jun

While having a conversation with a close friend a few days ago she said:

”People think that a lie will protect us from the truth when infact its the truth that protects us from the lie”.

Is protection better than pain?

Personally, I would rather be hurt by the truth than protected by a lie. No matter how good a lie is the truth will one day come out. It could be a week, a month or even a year later but eventually a lie will always be revealed. Finding out the truth later on down the line will be much more hurtful than finding out at the beginning because, you will realise that you have actually been living a lie.

However on the other hand, if someone is trying to protect you and your feelings it shows that they do actually care for you.

Spring/Summer 2010

13 Jun

It is an ideology that during the summer weather we should wear bright colours; most of us wear reds, yellows and blues as these colours seem to bring back childhood memories of the ‘summer holidays’ . This year however WHITE is a big must have! We generally think that white represents weddings or more sophisticated occasions, but this season wearing white is What’s Hot.

I have found a few pieces that I feel will definitely get you noticed this season (and won’t break your budget).