Hair Extension Tips

Clips, Glue or Weave?

Im going to give you my opinions on the different types of hair extensions. I will also recommend the hair that I think  is the best quality.

My mother is a hairdresser and so I have been around hair all my life, watching ladies get their hair done is quite interesting because you realise that without hair extensions some women can  become less confident. As women we like to change our appearance, but we don’t actually realise how all the dying, colouring and unprofessional cutting can damage and break our hair. Many women find that they tend to turn to hair extensions as it (if done properly) can grown our hair.


Clip-in extensions are mostly used to add thickness or a hint of colour to hair. Clip-ins are good for the odd use here and there however, shouldn’t be used daily as they tend to become tangled and obvious that they are extensions. Clip-in extensions do also seem to be a bit dear, I saw a pack of two single 16″ clip-ins for £25.99 (which is ridiculous). If you prefer to use clip-ins it would be much more cost effective if you brought half a packet of hair (roughly £12.99) and some clips (4 for £1) and attached the clips to the weave band yourself. You will find that you will end up with more hair for you money and can measure the length of the clip-in that you want.


Women seem to choose bonding because it lasts longer than the clip-ins and is less hassle as you don’t have to worry about putting you extensions in every morning. When you have bonding you should always make sure you take it out properly. If you are unable to get to the hair dressers, you can buy bonding glue remover from any hair shop and do it yourself. Other alternatives are cooking oil, baby oil or conditioner. People say that bonding glue rips out your hair, but it is in fact the way you take it out that determines if you loose hair or not. You should apply remover (which ever one you have chosen) and rub it gently on top of the bonded hair, leave for roughly 20mins or until the extensions slide out by themselves. Gently combing any bonding glue residue from you natural hair.


A weave is when you natural hair is plaited away and the hair extensions are sown on top. This is a good option for hair extensions as you won’t be able to get to your natural hair, this will help it grow faster as it isn’t being combed,  straightened etc…. A negative of weaves are that they can be quite itchy when your natural hair starts to grow, making you a bit frustrated. Many females don’t actually realise that when you hair is weaved you can still wash it, just insure that you dry out the cornrows so there is no water residue. A weave can last from around 1-3 and a half months, you will need to visit your hairdresser about every 4 weeks to get you extensions re-tightened.

I would personally recommend Remy Goddess Hair as only the healthiest and youthful hair is chosen and the cuticles are all facing the same way which increases tangling and matting.Unlike most hair Remy doesn’t go through lots of chemical treatment making it stronger and keep it’s quality.


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