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Lola – Marc Jacobs

14 Jun

I absoluetly love the smell of Lola by Marc Jacobs, the bottle is just as beautiful as it smells also. This perfume smells very floral and reminds me of the summer months. The scent is very light and elegant, perfect for both causal and formal wear. I love the bottle as it resembles a flower and looks great on your bedroom shelf. At £60.00 this perfume is quite expensive but is definitely worth it.



13 Jun

If you are in need of any make-up or nail varishes, beauty products etc… I suggest to visit this website

I love Illamasqua because I think their colours are very vibrant and are good for when you are going for a different look or have a special occasion lined up. I recently purchased a ‘Cream Blusher’, unlike normal blusher the cream blusher is absorbed and you aren’t left looking powdery or pasty.

The nail varnishes are also great and I like the way they appear on your nails. Illamasqua  nail varnish doesn’t appear streaky or bumpy like some nail varnish but instead leaves your nails looking clear and slick.


13 Jun

Olay’s  body wash plus spa exfoliating ribbons is one of the best body washes I have used to date. I was brought this product as a Christmas gift and loved it. When showering with this body wash you instantly notice that your body is left feeling nourished and smooth. The body wash leaves you smelling beautiful and the smell lingers throughout the bathroom also. I liked the way the body wash foamed and I could also use the body wash as a shaving foam. I would recommend this product to all females and would rate the body wash 10 out of 10.