McQueen to sue Cadburys over advertisment?

14 Jun

So it is said that The Alexander McQueen Company are seeking legal advice, as Baillie Walsh and Antony Price have produced an advertisment for Cadbury’s Flake that looks rather similar to the 1996 Alexander McQueen show where Kate Moss is a floating hologram, the hologram was also created by the film director Baillie Walsh.

Alexander McQueen Show 1996

Cadbury’s Flake Advert

The yellow fabric represent the Flake chocolate, the ruffles signify the visual effect of the chocolate and also the texture.

Personally, I think this advert is a big difference from the well known Flake Girls indulging in sensual chocolate, however I do believe the advert is visually beautiful and you can tell time and effort has been put into the production of it. The fact that Cadburys have used a similar idea for their advertisement shows that The Alexander McQueen show was an inspiration and is memorable.  Who knows the Cadburys advert may even be a tribute to Alexander McQueen.


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