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29 Jun

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Right place at the right time.

28 Jun

So last week I was sitting with two friends having a little lunch when we were approached by three girls who were looking for replacement models. Giggling and not taking it very seriously we decided to take up the offer of modelling in a fashion show that was due to start in three hours. As two of us were tall enough we were quickly snapped up by a scary women who seemed to be directing the show. It was so weird being rushed into hair and make-up, measured, fitted and pushed onto the runway to perfect our walk and turn  all within 45 minutes. Time flew and before I knew it both of us were modelling before an audience and posing for pictures, nerve-racking yes! As most of the other girls had modelled before we felt slightly pressured and needed to perform up to standard, seen as we were amateurs to the profession. The other models were lovely and we made friends with them quite easily. The show felt like it was over in no time and I was actually quite upset because I wanted to do it again and again.

Three days later I got a phone call from one of the designers asking whether I would be interested in modelling again for the VIP fashion show where press and other designers would be present, I was so excited and of course couldn’t refuse. All weekend I was thinking about the show and wondering what I would wear and was practising in my heels. The big day arrived and I went to pick up my friend, both of us happy yet shocked that both of us got called back over girls who had been modelling either professionally or longer than us. The day was great and ran smoothly, it felt lovely to have your own dresser and get pampered and made up for the day. The outfits were amazing and the experience was great. I would love to do it again, as soon as I get the pictures I think I may even start seeing if any modelling agencies are interested.

If it wasn’t for my quick lunch break that day I would never of had this opportunity – ‘right place at the right time’

Lily Cole no longer a model

23 Jun

How can it be, Lily Cole quitting modelling for acting! Lily Cole has said that if she was offered the right opportunity then she would “consider quitting all together”. Lily said that if a once in a lifetime opportunity came along (film) she would even consider leaving Cambridge as it is something she would like to prioritise in the future. Lily Cole is an amazing model and also a good actress, however I think she should think this one over and consider which career would bring her more income.

Must Have…

15 Jun

..L’OREAL  volume million lashes

Today I purchased L’oreal’s latest mascara ‘volume million lashes’. I hadn’t seen this advertised yet but was suddenly drawn to the unique shape and design of the mascara tube, making me instantly pick it up and purchase it. Fortunately, my new mascara works miracles and is excellent. I recommend anyone who wears mascara to try it out. I have naturally short eye lashes but found after applying this masacra my lashes were left full and longer within a few strokes, and from now on I will definetly be purchasing L’oreal products more often.

14th June Birthday’s

14 Jun


I would like to say a very special happy birthday to

1. Donald Trump (1946)

2.Boy George (1961)

Lola – Marc Jacobs

14 Jun

I absoluetly love the smell of Lola by Marc Jacobs, the bottle is just as beautiful as it smells also. This perfume smells very floral and reminds me of the summer months. The scent is very light and elegant, perfect for both causal and formal wear. I love the bottle as it resembles a flower and looks great on your bedroom shelf. At £60.00 this perfume is quite expensive but is definitely worth it.

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian

14 Jun

Browsing through my twitter account I recognised how Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber were a very hot topic. It seems that fans of Justin Bieber are becoming rather angry with Kim Kardashian as she was yesterday in Bahamas on a photoshoot with him. What I find quite impressive is that Kim Kardashian is proving to fellow tweeters that she is not scared of the ‘death threats’ that she recently received when photographed with Justin Bieber at The White House. It i

s obvious that the pair are not in a relationship and therefore I’m rather confused as to why it is causing such panic amongst these teenage fans that are claiming Justin Bieber is ‘their man’ (probably just jealousy). The fact of the matter is both Kim and Justin are just doing their jobs and as we all know when you are at the top you will always receive negativity.

McQueen to sue Cadburys over advertisment?

14 Jun

So it is said that The Alexander McQueen Company are seeking legal advice, as Baillie Walsh and Antony Price have produced an advertisment for Cadbury’s Flake that looks rather similar to the 1996 Alexander McQueen show where Kate Moss is a floating hologram, the hologram was also created by the film director Baillie Walsh.

Alexander McQueen Show 1996

Cadbury’s Flake Advert

The yellow fabric represent the Flake chocolate, the ruffles signify the visual effect of the chocolate and also the texture.

Personally, I think this advert is a big difference from the well known Flake Girls indulging in sensual chocolate, however I do believe the advert is visually beautiful and you can tell time and effort has been put into the production of it. The fact that Cadburys have used a similar idea for their advertisement shows that The Alexander McQueen show was an inspiration and is memorable.  Who knows the Cadburys advert may even be a tribute to Alexander McQueen.

T4 on The Beach 2010

14 Jun

Line Up: Confirmed

Dizzee Rascal
One Night Only
Tinie Tempah
Alexandra Burke
Jason Derulo
Scouting For Girls
Ellie Goulding
Pixie Lott
Diana Vickers
Professor Green
The Saturdays
Taio Cruz
Pineapple Dance Studios

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